Satisfied Customers


September 27, 2018 · 

Fiona is am incredibly knowledgeable and caring person and I would not hesitate to have her treat my fur children

Lisa Dickenson


January 23 at 12:32 PM · 

Fiona is amazingly understanding and patient, particularly of a fidgety horse. Absolutely thrilled with the results from the laser therapy treatments - amazed how quickly I’m seeing results. Would absolutely recommend Animal LASER Therapy

Holly Allan

Julie D.jpg

September 28, 2018 · 

I have known Fiona for years. She has supported and worked with at least four of the veterinary practices that i have used over the years - and they all think very highly of her indeed. She has given us support and advice with our three dogs. Fortunately, so far we have not had need for Laser Therapy, but if we do, I will most definitely go to Fiona. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Julie Davidson

Fiona Grey.jpg

November 7, 2018 · 

My dog gave himself a nasty scrotal wound on barbed wire and Fiona has treated the area twice. The swelling and bruising has reduced incredibly within just 2 days. I couldn't have hoped for a better outcome. I would not hesitate to recommend Fiona and the Laser therapy as a method of reducing painful symptoms. Considering the nature of this injury, my dog has not needed systemic anti-inflammatory/pain medication and this can be attributed to Laser therapy.

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Fiona Gray


September 26, 2018 · 

Fiona is a very consensus person. She's helped me out lots with a variety of my dogs health problems. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her in her new therapy business.

Andy Fairweather Honouris Gundogs and Training


Simple safe and successful

December 2018
Dr Bob Pawson


I can highly recommend Fiona for giving your animals laser therapy we have had quite a few sessions with our Harley and Quinn she is very patient and knows her stuff


Highly recommend & professional .
In short, last year I took very unwell and if it wasn’t for my bulldog Asap who found me passed out alone, I would not be here today.
So I can only sincerely thank Fiona for giving him a new lease of life through laser treatment and showing genuine care & support towards his needs.
He is able to enjoy his walks better & has flourished so much. Our Labrador has also received laser treatments over the past month, which she absolutely loves & is showing fantastic improvement with both mobility & weight loss.
We also got some great nutritional advice & diet tricks which we appreciate.